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Cai Steele Illustration

watercolor painting of a rabbit leaping from the moon.

Welcome to Cai Steele Illustration. I'm a Western Massachusetts area artist currently showing art and making smaller pieces for everyone.


Explore my art below.

There Are No Limits

Artist Bio

My name is Cai Steele and I am a DeafBlind painter and illustrator based New England.  I am committed to providing clients with a piece of work specifically tailored to their needs and creative vision.


Click the button below if you know what you're looking for or scroll down to contact me directly.

A Small Selection of Works

Zeke: pencil on Paper portrait of a cat
Oil Painting of Winston the Dog
Rabbit Jumping from the Moon Small Watercolor Painting
Photograph of Wedding Tree Guestbook hanging on a wall
Wedding Tree With a Few Thumprints from Wedding Guests
Photograph of the Wedding Tree Guestbook at Wedding full of thumprint leaves
Pen and ink drawing of a bare tree with bride and groom names at the botton
Up close image of bride and groom name at the bottom of the wedding tree guestbook in calligraphy sc
Drawing of a tree with no leaves with bride and groom name at the bottom in pen and ink
Drawing of two trees one full of leaves, the other bare with wedding vows and guest signatures in be
Painting of an Asian woman holding a golden horse
Portrait of a young woman looking over her shoulder, rendered in charcoal on off white paper
watercolor cartoon bunny sleeping on pillows with the text ASLEEP at the bottom
Watercolor painting of cartoon bunny jumping in the air with text AWAKE at the bottom
Painting of a fall landscape with a cello leaning against a fence
oil painting of a french horn in a cornfield.
karentoia commission.jpg
The moon goes home.jpg

Here's a small selection of some of the works I've done on commission over the years.

16 darker color_edited.jpg

Contact Me

Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, commission requests or questions, please feel free to contact me!

Thanks for submitting!


Florence, MA  USA




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